April 8, 2011 Snow Obs Allie

South aspects are melting fast in the midst of the up and coming midnight sun. I
witnessed numerous natural point releases on southerly aspects with 3-4 inches
of wet penetration by 2pm in the afternoon.  It appears that all the Ray Wallace
chutes released during and after the last storm cycle..some sluffs and other
slabs. North aspects are healing after the last natural cycle on 4/9. No new
naturals have been seen on north aspects in the past week. One natural
on a west aspect mid elevation was witnessed on 4/12 or 4/13 (?). During my tour
I decided to keep the angles low and respect the snow gods considering the past
history this month and the rapid changes. The snowpack is changing every day; some aspects for the better, some for the worse. As long as the freeze-thaw cycle continues, there is good skiing to be found.  I recommed skiing in the morning, hitting the corn before it becomes soupy goo and encases you. You can still find cold blower snow
in isolated places.