Monday, December 26, 2011

This advisory expires in 24 hours


Natural and human triggered avalanches are unlikely today except in steep, isolated, wind loaded pockets where it may be possible to trigger a soft slab from 4 inches thick up to a foot thick.


Riding is very good on supportable smooth surfaces with an average of 4 inches of powder. Photo. Some areas have been effected by the wind. These areas have breakable wind crusts. You can easily find good snow if you are willing to hike. The snowpack is highly variable with up to 11 feet of snow in some areas that were not wind scoured or have been loaded by the wind, to areas like high elevation ridgelines where there are only a few inches of snow.

Stability is good and observations continue to show that surface instabilities are the primary concern. Soft slabs up to a 1.5 feet thick are moderately reactive in stability tests, but not from ski cuts, riding or snow machining. These slabs show strong strength, good structure and moderate energy.

–Jed Workman