Snow and Avy Pics

nov 13 2014 dry

Nov 13, 2014 Marmot, from the upper P-lot

nov 13 2014 (4)

Nov 13, 2014 looking towards Friendship Pass

nov 13 2014 (3)

Nov 13, 2014 Ray Wallace

HP 11 13 2014 (2)

Nov 13, 2014

March 18, 2014 WNW, 4000′

March 8, 2014, Human Triggered Dry Loose, North, 4000′, $1000 Run










Wind slabs in very specific locations. Feb 21, 2014

Ray Wallace showing large cornicing and old debris on almost every run. Feb 21, 2014.


Nose Bleed natural avalanche Tuesday, Jan 28, 2014

Closeup Nose Bleed natural avy

Surface Hoar, Jan 31, 2014

Surface Hoar, Jan 31, 2014

Surface Hoar, Jan 31, 2014

Surface Hoar, Jan 31, 2014




Jed under 8 foot crown on Marmot, West Face, 39 degree slope. 1/24/2014 natural avalanche.

Jed inspects weak layer on Marmot 1/24/2014 natural avalanche crown face.

Jed and Dylan Dog give scale to the debris pile on 1/24/2014 marmot natural avalanche.

Weak layer, 1-24-2014 natural avy marmot west face



Jan 25, 2014 Natural Avalanche, S, 3900′, Nosehair Chutes area


Marmot Peak, WSW, 4300', large natural avalanche

Jan 24, 2014, Marmot Peak, WSW, 4300′, large natural avalanche, Avalanche Path: Marmot 1


Jan 24, 2014 Marmot PK, SE, 3500′, Large Natural Wet Slab avalanche, Avalanche Path: Archangel 2

Marmot Pk, 3900′, WSW, Jan 24, 2014, WS-NC-D3-G


Reported remote trigger by Dog, 12″ to 24″ crown. Also on facebook: Alaska Backcounrty Ski Addiction


This hard slab avalanche was reported to have been triggered by the 2nd skier, unintentionally. It’s size could have easily buried and killed a person. The runnout of this slab ran into a severe terrain trap which could have compounded the problem. Depth of the avalanche was approximately 27″, crown was 300 feet wide, and it ran approximately 1700 feet. Notice that this avalanche sympathetically triggered another avalanche in the adjacent gully, indicating that propagation can travel far, produce very large avalanches, and increases the objective hazard.

Photo: Jed Workman
Weak layer crystal identity



Jan 20, 2014 human triggered. HS-ASu-D2.5-O

Photo Ben Reynolds


Jan 16 2014, stuborn  shooting cracks, 38°, NW, windloaded


Jan 16, 2014. Test slope, stubborn, but significant propagation, 23 inches deep

2600′ Lower Marmot SouthEast Face. SS-N-D2-0
Older poor snowpack structure at mid elevations was quickly overloaded in this storm by wind blown snow. This is a significantly deep and large avalanche. Photo jan 16, 2014

Archangel 3 slidepath, on Marmot Southeast face, near Mabel Mine

CLOSEUP, Archangel 3 slidepath, on Marmot Southeast face, near Mabel Mine


Skyscraper Southeast face, cross-loaded gully.SS-N-D1-I, triggered by sluff from above. Photo taken Jan 16, 2014

Thin, soft slab natural avalanches resembling sluffing on the upper west face of marmot. Notice significant large cornices intact. Photo jan 16, 2014

January 4, 2014 human triggered avalanche , Crown Profile


Dec 7 2013 Pinnacle Wet Loose slides

Dec 7 2013 Skyscraper Wet Loose slides

Dec 6 2013 Big! roller balls due to deep loose wet snow

Dec 6 2013 sensitive human triggered wet slides on 35° – 45°


November 29 2013, Rae Wallace skier triggered, same as below


November 29 2013, Rae Wallace, NorthNorthWest, ~42°, HS-ASu-D1.5R2-O, 65cm down


November 15 2013

Surface  rain crust, 3000′

November 12, 2013

1: storm cycle avalanche from November 9 storm SS-N-R1.5D1.5-O

marmot SSE 4200'

November 12, 2013

Scyscraper 1 storm cycle avy, 2 human triggered


November 12, 2013

wind sculpting


Seldom Seen Bowl area 4/17 E face

Lower Marmot slabs 4/17

Stairway slab 4/16

Upper Eldorado slabs 4/15

Eldorado Slabs 4/15

Gov’t Pk East 4/13






#2 slab Lower Eldorado triggered on uptrack

#3 slab on Lower Eldorado remote trigger 4/11




E face Hatch slab avalanche 4/11

SE slabs Marmot 4/11

SE slabs Marmot 4/11

Slab avalanches south face Eldorado 4/10

Wet-loose avalanches 4/4

Surface Hoar

SW Storm-slab avalanche and W/NW loose-dry avalanche 3/27

Storm-slab avalanche on old sun crust 3/26

Cornices 3/27

3/23/2013 Shooting Cracks

Human triggered loose snow sluffs Feb 25 2013

Cornice debris Feb 25, 2013

sensitive surface slabs Feb 25, 2013

Pinnacle Shoulder SS-ASu-R1D1-O

Pinnacle Shoulder SS-ASu-R1D1-O


JAN 27, 2013
Shooting cracks and reactive small, thin and soft wind slabs are in many locations. You can find these on many leeward side ridge features and in catchment zones like this couloir. These types of smaller, thin hazards are well managed by ski cutting. While traveling on the snow you can identify the slabs by a change in the snow stiffness under foot. If you are on steep enough terrain (35+ degrees) you may be able to get the slab to move. If you are unfortunate enough to get swept off your feet you could get carried or pushed over a cliff, into rocks, or just somewhere you didn’t anticipate. While currently not a major threat, if we see a spike in wind speeds or a significant dump of new snow, expect these slabs to be bigger and more threatening, and just as reactive.

Slab Avalanche on Standard West Face Run triggered by very heavy wet snow, Marmot. HS-N-R2D2-I. Did not run on the depth hoar, but on a hardness inversion within the mid-pack.

Toilette Bowl, Eldorado. Slab Avalanche

Martin Mine Gully, Eldorado. Photo Jan 18, 2013. Another slab avalanche.

Another wet slide near Presidents. Photo: Anthony Larson

Rain runnels and dry slab avalanches on the standard west face run on Marmot. Jan 15, 2013 Photo: Anthony Larson

Skyscraper, dry slab. HS-N-R2D2-I

Marmot high west face coulior. Various wet slides.

Rain runnels roadside under SE face Marmot. Runnels were observed up to around 3000′










DEC 20, 2012 This very sensitive wind slab was up to 1 foot thick, North, 4700′ on Ray Wallace. It triggered a small pocket down slope (a few inches thick) that ran about half the distance of the run, ~400 ft. Winds were not strong enough yet to build thick mid-slope slabs.

Nov 23 2012 facets

Nov 23 2012 DH

NOV 23 2012 Surface Hoar

Wind slab on faceted base layer November 14, 2012

Cornice Crevasse

Slab Avalanche 3/14

North facing new thin reactive wind slabs feb 4 2012

Rae Wallace shallow soft slab Jan 9 2012